Algoma Scrapping Updates

AMERICAN VICTORY UPDATE: The tug Tim McKeil arrived in Duluth on the morning of Saturday, June 16, to tow the American Victory for scrap. The vessel, her name shortened to Victo for the scrap tow, has had her self-unloading boom and other equipment removed to be re-purposed for other vessels. Unless current plans change, the historic vessel will be towed out of the Superior entry at 06:00 on the morning of Sunday, June 17. This will be the first time the vessel has left the harbor since arriving for layup in the fall of 2008. Tim McKeil will tow her as far as Montreal, where overseas tugs will take over and tow the Victory across the Atlantic Ocean to Aliaga, Turkey, where the ship will ultimately meet her end.

Aside from the Victory, a number of other vessels formerly owned by Algoma Central Corp. are currently on their way to various scrapyards to be broken up. Algoma Olympic, under tow of the tug VB Hispania, arrived in Aliaga, Turkey earlier this week, where the ship will be beached and cut up. Her former fleetmates Algolake and Algosteel are currently under tow in the Atlantic Ocean. Both vessels will arrive at the scrapyard later this month.

Meanwhile, the retired laker Algoway was towed from Goderich, Ontario last week, bound for the scrapyard at Port Colborne, Ont. Her sister Algorail remains laid up in Goderich, but is expected to be towed for scrap within the next few weeks.


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