American Victory prepares for Scrap Tow

The historic steamer American Victory, built in 1943, was moved from her layup dock in Superior on Friday to Fraser Shipyards. There, the ship’s unloading boom and other equipment will be removed to be re-purposed and used for other vessels. When that work is complete, the ship will be towed out of the Duluth harbor for the first time since 2008. She will eventually be towed overseas to a scrapyard in Greece, where the Victory¬†will meet her end.

The ship last operated in 2008, and has been laid up in Superior ever since. She was sold to Algoma Central Corp. in December, along with fleetmates American Valor, Algoma Buffalo (formerly Buffalo), and Algoma Compass (formerly Adam E. Cornelius). Algoma announced soon after the sale that the Victory would be sent directly to the scrapyard. She will join Algoma’s Algosteel and Algolake, which are both tied in Montreal awaiting overseas scrap tows. Algoma Olympic has already departed under tow, bound for Turkey to be cut up.



The above photos show American Victory being towed from her layup dock and into Fraser Shipyards (both photos courtesy of Duluth Harbor Cam). The ship is tentatively expected to be towed out of Duluth around the 1st of June.