Algoma Scrapping Updates

Three more self-unloaders from Algoma’s Great Lakes fleet are being prepared for overseas scrap tows. Algoma Olympic and Algolake, both laid up in Montreal, have had their stack logos painted out, and their names have been shortened to Olympic and Lake respectively. Meanwhile, Algosteel is currently on her way to Quebec to unload her final cargo, after which the classic laker will be retired. Although considered “modern” self-unloaders, the vessels are some of the oldest in Algoma’s fleet as new ships arrive from overseas. Algoma Olympic and Algolake were constructed in 1976, while Algosteel was launched ten years prior. The deep-sea tug VB Hispania is expected in Montreal next month, and it is presumed that she will tow one of the two laid-up vessels to the scrapyard in Turkey.

In addition, shortly after acquiring four vessels from the American Steamship Company in December, Algoma announced that it plans to retire and scrap the veteran laker American Victory. The 1943-built vessel served the U.S. Navy in World War II as a tanker, and was later converted to a bulk carrier for Great Lakes service. The vessel has not operated since the economic downturn in 2008. It is currently tied up at the NP Ore Dock in Superior, and Algoma has yet to announce any plans for a scrap tow for the ship.

Two of the other three former ASC vessels involved in the sale have departed their layup ports as well. Earlier this week, the former Buffalo entered service for the 2018 season as Algoma Buffalo, after spending the winter at Sarnia, Ontario. Algoma Compass, previously known as Adam E. Cornelius, departed Huron, Ohio under her own power last week, and arrived in Erie, PA, a few days later for drydocking and her five-year inspection. She will enter service as soon as the work is complete. American Valor remains tied up at Toledo, Ohio, and Algoma has yet to announce any plans (or a new name) for the vessel.


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