Winter Layup Updates

With the Soo Locks now closed for the winter, most vessels have arrived at their layup ports. Duluth is hosting a total of six vessels this winter, among them James R. Barker at Midwest Energy, Lee A. Tregurtha and Kaye E. Barker at Fraser Shipyards, Edwin H. Gott and Erie Trader/tug Clyde S. VanEnkevort at Port Terminal, and Burns Harbor at Elevator M. Arthur M. Anderson, which sat out the 2017 season, is laid up at the CN dock. It is rumored that she will have some sort of work done this winter and will operate next season. American Victory is moored at the NP ore dock near BN in Superior, and Edward L. Ryerson is at the Barko dock near CHS.

The last vessel to join Sturgeon Bay’s layup fleet, Mesabi Miner, arrived over the weekend. She became the twelfth ship to arrive there for the winter. Also laid up are Wilfred Sykes, Roger Blough, James L. Kuber/tug Victory, Paul R. Tregurtha, Robert S. Pierson, Stewart J. Cort, John G. Munson, Joseph L. Block, and Cason J. Callaway. The Tregurtha is in the process of having exhaust gas scrubbers installed, a procedure which Bay Shipbuilding has already completed four other times for Interlake. American Courage and the Lower Lakes tug Invincible both remain in long-term layup. The barge Cleveland Rocks is also spending the winter at the shipyard, and is being converted into a self-unloading cement carrier.

I hope to make it up to both Duluth and Sturgeon Bay at some point this winter to photograph the vessels in layup, and look forward to sharing them!


One thought on “Winter Layup Updates

  1. Donald T Stansky February 1, 2018 / 5:53 PM

    It is truly a pleasure to read this.


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