More Arrivals at Bay Shipbuilding

I just returned from Sturgeon Bay earlier this afternoon, after spending a short weekend there. I was looking forward to bringing home many photos, however, the weather had other ideas. The fog was so thick, I barely got to see the layup fleet at all. I was disappointed, but I’ll hopefully be able to make another trip later in the winter. The shipyard was very busy, however. The barge James L. Kuber arrived on January 16, and was moored to John G. Munson. Her tug Victory laid up near her fleetmate Invincible. Joseph L. Block arrived on Friday, January 20, and Lower Lakes’ Calumet arrived on Saturday. Edwin H. Gott was in the drydock, where workers were busy sandblasting and repainting her hull. Sturgeon Bay has a total of 13 vessels laid up now. They are, in order of arrival, tug Invincible, American Courage, John G. Munson, Mesabi Miner, Wilfred Sykes, Indiana Harbor, Edwin H. Gott, James L. Kuber and tug Victory, James R. Barker, Cason J. Callaway, Walter J. McCarthy Jr., Joseph L. Block, and Calumet.


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