Joseph L. Block arrives Sturgeon Bay, Herbert C. Jackson prepares to Sail

Inland Lakes’ 730-foot Joseph L. Block arrived Sturgeon Bay through the ship canal on Tuesday evening for some sort of work at Bay Shipbuilding. American Courage, John G. Munson, and the tug Invincible remain in layup at the shipyard – the Munson is having her steam engine replaced with a new diesel, a project that should be complete before winter.

In Superior, the Herbert C. Jackson seems to be readying to depart for the remainder of the 2016 sailing season – she was seen preparing to sail and conducting lifeboat drills earlier this week. She was also repowered over the winter, but the project took much longer than expected. The ship was supposed to be back in service in June, but an onboard fire and other complications slowed the work. Before the conversion, she was the last steamer in the Interlake fleet. Besides getting new engines, Herbert C. Jackson was also painted and some work was done on the hull/cargo hold.


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