The Beginning of a Busy Week

Sturgeon Bay is seeing quite a bit of action this week, and this past weekend I took the opportunity to shoot the vessels currently in the harbor before Wednesday’s Tall Ships events.


In drydock on Saturday evening was the Roger Blough. She ran aground in Whitefish Bay on May 27, and has been in port for repairs since.


The Blough was pulled out of drydock on Tuesday afternoon, and docked at berth 15. She is expected to arrive in Two Harbors on August 8 to load. Of course, I wasn’t prepared for her to be leaving the drydock, so I didn’t get to watch it. Hopefully I’ll get to see her depart!


Across the slip is the tug Invincible, still laid up. I’ve photographed her quite a bit recently, as she hasn’t moved since the winter.


I wonder how long Lower Lakes plans to keep her laid up…rumor is that she will be paired with the barge Lewis J. Kuber to replace the tug Olive L. Moore when she is retired.


In the next slip over is the John G. Munson. The vessel is being repowered, but isn’t expected to reenter service this season once the work is completed.


The ship’s stack is sitting on the dock next to her while the project is completed.


The evening sunlight creates a beautiful shot of the majestic laker, which is also in need of a paint job.


The Munson is sharing the slip with Bay Shipbuilding’s newest construction – the fourth barge in the class that is being built for Moran Towing Company. There is no name visible on the barge as of yet.


The barge’s notch has not yet been completed, showing the interior structure of the ship.


Behind the chemical barge is her tug, named Heath Wood. The tug, unlike the barge, seems nearly completed from the outside. But as a side note, I’m debating whether or not this new tug/barge combo is actually being built for Moran, because the tug has a few visible differences from the three previous ones. For one thing, the paint scheme is very different, and a few things about the tug’s hull design are different as well.


As a reference, here is one of my photos of the Leigh Ann Moran, which was built last summer and departed with her barge Mississippi in the fall. The new barge is very similar to the previous ones, however, which has led me to believe that it is for Moran. Only time will tell!


The American Courage is much more visible this time than the last time I visited – Moran’s third tug/barge combo Louisana/Barbara Carol Ann Moran was moored perpendicular to the Courage, blocking her in.


American Courage was built in 1979 as Fred R. White Jr. and is 636 feet long. The ship and her sisters Buffalo and Sam Laud were an experimental design of smaller vessels built on the Lakes.


One interesting thing I found at the shipyard is just to the left of the Courage‘s bow – it’s the dark gray superstructure of yet another tug up against the building. Looks like Bay Shipbuilding will be building another tug/barge combo soon!


In between the Michigan and Oregon Street bridges was an unusual sight in Sturgeon Bay: the hovercraft Alexander. She has been inside the CenterPointe Yacht Services building for the past few years, but this was my first time seeing her afloat.


And speaking of unusual, in the marina next to the Oregon Street bridge was the massive yacht Seaquest, whose homeport is listed as The Creek, Cayman Islands.


The huge yacht was certainly a hot spot over the weekend – there wasn’t a moment that the ship didn’t have visitors!


And on the way back past the shipyard, I couldn’t resist grabbing one more shot of the John G. Munson in the beautiful late evening sunlight.

Later this afternoon, the Tall Ships will be arriving in Sturgeon Bay through the canal and spending the night here before continuing on to Green Bay tomorrow  for the weekend festival. I’ll be taking plenty of photos, so stay tuned for those!


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Busy Week

  1. Mike September 2, 2016 / 5:38 AM

    FYI, the Heath Wood and its barge are being built for Kirby Offshore Marine. Thanks for the great photos

    Liked by 1 person

    • freighterfreak September 2, 2016 / 9:07 PM

      Thanks for the information Mike! I was curious as to who she will enter service for, as it didn’t look like Moran’s colors.


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