On Sunday morning, Interlake’s 690-foot Herbert C. Jackson emerged from the drydock at Fraser Shipyards in Superior with the help of G-tugs Kentucky and Arkansas. According to a post on Boatnerd.com, while in drydock for the past seven months, the 1959-built ship received new diesel engines to replace her steam engine and a new controllable pitch propeller,  and her hull was sandblasted and painted. The remaining work is to be completed at the dock. The Jackson was the last steamship in the Interlake fleet, with a few other vessels having been repowered as well in recent years. The company is now focusing on exhaust gas scrubbers, which were installed on the James R. Barker and Lee A. Tregurtha last winter.

And as for the title, I have reached my 50th post on Freighter Freak! The blog is also approaching its first birthday, and I think the first year has gone very well! I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to writing more posts in the future.



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