Vessel Scrappings Update

The following article was posted to today, giving an update of all the vessels in line for the scrapper’s torch.

The 12,000 horsepower saltwater tug Boulder arrived in Montreal Wednesday morning to tow the Navi (ex Algoma Navigator) to Turkey for scrap. Boulder was built in 1988 and is currently sailing under the flag of the Netherlands.

According to Transport Canada’s website, the tanker Algosar is now officially owned by Marine Recycling Corporation of Port Colborne, Ont. She will be cut up in the coming months.

Peter R. Cresswell, her name now abbreviated to Peter, had her Canadian registry closed on Wednesday. She is docked in Montreal awaiting a scrap tow.

After unloading scrap metal from the former laker Canadian Miner last weekend in Inztmit Bay, Turkey, the Catherine III (ex Catherine Desgagnés) is anchored off Aliaga, Turkey. It can be assumed that she is waiting her turn to be beached at the scrapyard.


This photo, taken by Joe Delaronde, shows Navi docked in Montreal awaiting her scrap tow. Note the stack markings painted out, and the black paint slapped on over the rest of her former name.


The former Algosar is docked at the Marine Recycling Corporation scrapyard, after a final sale to the yard earlier this year. The tanker has spent the past few years in and out of layup due to economic conditions, and Algoma finally decided it was time for her to go.


Algosar was built in 1978 as the U.S.-flagged tanker Gemini, and remained in active service until her sale to Algoma in 2005, when she was reflagged Canadian. Note that the small tanker has two propellers, which is a bit uncommon for a ship of her size.


Also at the MRC yard in Port Colborne is the former laker American Fortitude. She was originally sold to a Texas firm for scrapping last summer, but the deal fell through and the vessel was stuck laid up in Canada for the winter. The scrapyard has wasted no time taking the vessel apart, and she will no doubt be completely gone in a few short months. (Three photos above courtesy of Jeff Cameron)



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