Winter Layup updates: Duluth and Sturgeon Bay

The Sturgeon Bay winter layup fleet now totals nine ships, with the arrival of Wilfred Sykes on Wednesday and the 1,000 foot Mesabi Miner on Thursday. Three more vessels, James R. Barker, Lee A. Tregurtha, and Joseph L. Block, are expected to arrive within the next few days. So far in port are American Spirit, American Courage, Alpena, Arthur M. Anderson, Cason J. Callaway, John G. Munson, Invincible, Wilfred Sykes, and Mesabi Miner.

In Duluth, there were two arrivals on Thursday. Edwin H. Gott arrived early Thursday morning and backed into the Port Terminal slip, and American Century arrived later in the evening and docked at the Port Terminal/Holcim Cement dock under the Blatnik Bridge. Indiana Harbor and Herbert C. Jackson are already in Duluth for the winter, and Kaye E. Barker and Philip R. Clarke are expected to arrive on Friday or Saturday. The final ship expected for Duluth’s winter layup fleet is the 1,013 foot Paul R. Tregurtha, which is rather unusual as the Tregurtha almost always spends her winter season in Sturgeon Bay. She is making a few last-season runs before ending her season.

The Soo Locks close on Friday, January 15, officially ending the 2015 shipping season.


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