Fire aboard Alpena in Sturgeon Bay

On Friday evening, fire broke out aboard the steamer Alpena in Sturgeon Bay. Nearly 100 firefighters from nine departments were called to the shipyard just after 6:00 p.m. on Friday. Crews arrived to find smoke pouring from the stern of the ship.

The 519-foot Alpena arrived in Sturgeon Bay last Saturday for its five-year survey, and both the Alpena and Badger were placed in the large drydock. The Badger is believed to have not been affected  by the blaze, and her five-year survey is expected to be completed within the next week.

As of Saturday morning, the extent of the damage aboard Alpena was unknown, although photos showed blistering paint on her starboard stern. According to the Tim Herlache, chief of the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department, the blaze was about three decks down, near the engine room of the ship, although the engine was not involved in the fire. Chief Herlache said the dining area, the cafeteria and some staterooms on the ship were all heavily damaged.

Alpena Fire NBC26

The above photo shows smoke billowing from the stern of the Alpena. American Spirit is berthed to the left of Alpena. (Courtesy: NBC26 News)

Alpena Fire Green Bay Press Gazette

(Courtesy: Green Bay Press Gazette)


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