New laker Manitoulin begins Great Lakes service

Lower Lakes Towing’s newly rebuilt Manitoulin, the former saltwater tanker Lalandia Swan, has begun service on the Great Lakes. She arrived on the Lakes from her builders in China in late November, and has been in service for a few weeks now.

The ship was built as Lalandia Swan in 1991 in Croatia for Uni Tankers of Denmark. She carried various liquefied cargoes most of her life, until being purchased by Rand Logistics, the parent company of Lower Lakes Towing, in late 2014. The ship arrived in China for conversion to a bulk carrier soon after. The process involved removing the bow and cargo holds and attaching a brand new forebody to the original stern. The ship left China in late summer, and then crossed the Pacific Ocean and transited the Panama Canal before arriving in the Lakes. As of Wednesday night, Manitoulin had just exited the Welland Canal downbound for Bowmanville, Ontario.


The above photo of the Lalandia Swan shows the tanker in the St. Lawrence Seaway on one of her Great Lakes visits in 2013. (Courtesy Barry Anderson,

Lalandia Swan Rene Beauchamp and ShipSpotting

The “after” image shows Manitoulin arriving in the St. Lawrence Seaway on November 26. The new forebody extends all the way to the pilothouse, and the forward-mounted self-unloading boom was also a new addition. (Courtesy Rene Beauchamp,


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